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Manufacturer & Supplier of UV CURING SYSTEM. Our product range also comprises of UV Modules, IR Modules and Dryers & Drying Ovens.

UV Curing System with Coater

Uv + ir curing system. This equipment consists of uv lamps and infrared lamps. UV lamps are used for curing uv varnish and uv inks for instant drying. All our uv lamps are imported from reputed manufacturerers of u. S. A. And very reliable and long lasting. We use different wattage lamps in our equipment for faster curing. Normal uv lamps are 200 watts/inch and we use 200, 300,400 watts/inch in different applications.

Number of lamps and the wattage depends on the speed of your output. All our uv lamps are completely protected from outside radiation and we have incorporated safty devise in the equipment to prevent uv exposure to the employees.

IR lamps are imported from taiwan and is used mainly for aqua varnish drying and also for solvent base inks for drying. Ir lamps are nothing but sunlight and is very safe for employees. It is very useful for drying printed sheets curing when high humidity is prevailing in rainy seasons. ir lamps which we use are 100 watts/inch and lasts minimum 1500 hrs in normal condition.

Five roller coater developed by hansa for printers can coat boards of 150 gsm and above. The coater comes with a manual feed and can have on output of 3000 boards/hour. The coating thickness can be varied from 2. 5 g-5 g per sq. M by adjusting the pressure. The roller coater has a specially designed and manufactured 3 phase ac pump for pumping the varnish. In our 5 roller coater we can provide acqua based varnish coating with seperate tank and pump. The coater also has a digital infrared counter for counting the boards and a system to prevent uv coating where the pasting gum is applied on the board. This machine can be directly attached to uv ir curing equipment and can be made accoriding to the width of your board (24", 28",30" and 40").

UV Curing Nano with Coater

This is one of the latest model of uv/ir sytem in compact size and length.

Both uv and ir drying can be done. This is most useful and idel machine for printers of pcb cards, visting cards, labels, invitation cards etc. ,

Marble/ Granite UV Curing Machine

The uv/ir curing machine is designed for filling of cracks and small holes of marble/granite by filling uv clear epoxy and curing with in minutes.

Structure is made out of m s channel and the marble/granite slab is moving on to the 60 mm dia solid roller connected to bearings on both side with chain and sprocket. this unit is strong enough for your marble/granite slab of 40" width and upto 500 kg. Weight.

Fitted with two hoods on top,one is for uv and other is for ir. 2 uv lamps of 300 watts per inch and 6 lamps of ir. a separate control panel fitted with transformers and all electrical items is attached to the unit for providing electrical support.

Since this unit is equipped with heavy ac motor, ac motor controller and gear box you can adjust the speed of roller conveyor as per your convenient.

Once you finished the uv epoxy coating on marble/granite slab you can pass through the roller conveyor and you get the instant curing on your products with 100% satisfied result.

Spot UV Curing System

400 w uv spot couring lamp is high intensity, versatile, hand hel or fixed mounting uv lamp for applications including the curing of adhesives , coatings, and potting materials.

The uv 400 with its separate power supply is suitable for many applications where a portable and mobile uv lamp is required. its high lamp output and intensity offer excellent curing results in seconds, depending on adhesives and substrates. this equipment can be connected to our regular 230 v supply.

U V Lamps

UV Attachment To Offset Press

UV Attachment To Offset Press - Heidelberg

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